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More and More . . . Casting is requiring Self-Tape Submissions



THE CHALLENGE: IF you enjoy a pastoral setting -  or just don't live in Hollywood or New York -  and are not near studios who offer videotaping, directing and editing services.  OR IF casting is only accepting self submissions, AND off-camera reading and editing services are not your favorite:




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Once Upon A Time . . .

ALL auditions were in person . . .  Yes, Dear Reader . . . EVEN COMMERCIALS!  But then, Casting began videotaping audtioning actors, and now Self-Submissions are becoming the norm.  Whether because more auditioning actors live outside the major Industry Market cities, or because it has become more cost or time effective for Production, it puts the burden on the Client.

THE SOLUTION:   Dawn!    She has done hundreds of Skype, FaceTime and iChat video sessions with her clients resulting in callbacks, network tests, and bookings for film and television.  She edits and uploads to all necessary parties.



  • Dawn can coach, tape, read off-camera role, edit, and then upload to Client, Agent/Mngr, and/or Casting as requested      



  • Dawn can coach the actor, and client can make other arrangements for taping and editing

  • Dawn can direct your session and read the off-camera role, while you tape.                                                                                                   The client can then either edit themselves, or Dawn can edit                                                                                                                            

  • Dawn can direct your session, read off camera  while you tape, and then edit and send final project to you,                                  Agency and/or casting as requested


Click on MY BUTTON below to contact me for information or to book a session

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Dawn Jeffory-Nelson • The Reel Coach and The Reel Baby Whisperer

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